Q&A: “Are we a part of God?” (In His Image)

Posted: May 11, 2015 in Q&A October 2012, Think ABOUT Faith, Think THRU Faith
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  1. Marcus Ampe says:

    I started looking to those video’s which both keep going out from the human doctrine of the Trinity which everybody should have to agree. It is even shameful how those men try to give the pupils a guilt feeling in case they would doubt those difficult to understand doctrines.


    • I thank you for your interest and engagement on this issue. I will remind you, however, that these Q&A sessions are meant to give a quick summary answer for students to digest and point them in a direction of thought or study. That said, many of these issues can get complex and interrelated, with many very smart people writing many very thick books on any given issue.

      In this particular question, the Trinity was not the issue, and so it was not delved into, merely referenced in making the point.

      If there are any issues you wish to discuss regarding the main issue of this question, I’ll be glad to discuss them here. However, so that we’re not having one conversation over three different pages, I will respond to your points regarding the Trinity on those relevant pages.


      • Marcus Ampe says:

        Your proposition is nice, but I think with all the years (more than 60) of bible confrontation and study, I may be sure to have found the truth and the solution (though it has perhaps taken a long time), which is perhaps not according to the main churches, not following human doctrines, but following Biblical doctrines. In the end it is that what is important according to God’s Word, not having to be of this world but being of God”s world only worshipping the One and true God of gods, the God of Abraham Who is also the God of Jesus, and not Jesus but a Holy spirit (= set-apart) Who has no beginning (no birth) no end (cannot die) cannot be seen by man or they would die, has no flesh, bones nor blood, does not tell lies and can not be tempted, according His infallible Word, which also tells us that the man in the river Jordan (who was tempted more than once) is His only begotten beloved son, who did not his own will but managed to do the Will of God (in case Jesus is God than he would always have done his own will.). I go for believing in this man who is the Way to God and not to himself.


  2. Marcus Ampe says:

    Where do you get it from that God would be a Trinity? According to the Bible God is One.


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