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Message from Liberty Hill Moody on 7-17-16 addressing some of the common responses Christians will experience as we try to share The Gospel.

How do we, as followers of Christ, to approach and think about the growing issues of racial tension and violence in our society?


Message from Sunday, May 1st, PM service at Liberty Hill Baptist Church. Critics of the Bible will claim that it was written decades or generations later, copied from earlier sources or made up entirely.
However, hidden away in the seemingly insignificant details of the text itself are the clues that the writers of the Bible were not only telling the truth, but had awareness of intimate details of events at the time they happened.


The central event for Christianity is the resurrection of Jesus Christ 3 days after having been crucified and buried. This singular event not only validates His claims and the authority of His teachings, but can be historically verified.


In James 1:22-24, we are told that are to be “doers of the Word and not hearers only.” As followers of Jesus Christ, we accept that the Bible is a reliable source to find the teachings of Christ. However, why do you believe the Bible is reliable?That is the focus of Part 1 in this 2 part series:

And even if you know you can trust the Bible is reliable, how do you know you are understanding it correctly? How we are to interpret and understand the Bible is the focus of Part 2:

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Lesson from Wednesday, March 9th, to supplement the “Tactics in Defending the Faith” study seriesĀ at Liberty Hill Baptist Church in Moody, TX.
As we attempt to engage others to share the Gospel and defend the faith, it is important that we be able to think clearly and identify errors in thinking so we may avoid them ourselves and catch them when other make them.



The Body of Christ ought to be a people who are characterized by our service to others. Message from pastor Marc at Liberty Hill on January 24th 2016.




January 17th, 2016
Message on the inherent value and dignity of mankind based on our being created in the image of God.