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At the July 20th, 2016 Wednesday evening study at Liberty Hill, we took a look at the historical facts surrounding the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ and examined many of the common explanations offered.

Why did God become a man? In this session of the study we take a look at what was accomplished by Christ by His putting on humanity. We also take a look at some of the historical evidence supporting the reliability of the New Testament.


This audio is of the Wednesday night study at Liberty Hill Baptist Church in Moody, TX, taught by pastor Marc Lambert.

The Bible Fast Forward material is produced by Stand to Reason, and the addition historical information is taken from the True-U series “Is The Bible Reliable?”.

And the groovy tunes are by Mark Swayze.


The historical evidence for Biblical events is plentiful, especially regarding the Assyrian invasion of Israel and Judah and the Babylonian Conquest of Judah. This session focused less on the theological plan of salvation and more on the historical evidence for this time period in Biblical history using some of the evidence as presented in True U’s “Is the Bible Reliable?” series.

The main study, The Bible Fast Forward, is produced by Stand to Reason, and the super cool music is by Mark Swayze.


The central event for Christianity is the resurrection of Jesus Christ 3 days after having been crucified and buried. This singular event not only validates His claims and the authority of His teachings, but can be historically verified.