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The study, taught by pastor Marc at Liberty Hill Baptist Church,  continues as God’s people await the coming Messiah. While the Jews awaited an earthly king, they missed the important pieces of Scripture that pointed instead to God Himself coming to them.

Some may be critical of the idea that Jesus was God, but from the very earliest of the Christian Church it was believed that Jesus IS God. Jesus claimed it. The prophecies claimed it. And the Apostles stated it. The Bible really leaves no room for doubt that the claim of Christianity is clear: Jesus is God incarnate.

The Bible Fast Forward material is produced by Stand to Reason, and the super cool intro music is by Mark Swayze.


Around the time of the Jewish captivity in Babylon, a handful of prophets gave important messages for both the nations of Israel and Judah and the coming Messiah. In this session we took a look at Daniel and what his visions and prophecies entailed for the future … and for us.

This audio is of the Wednesday night study at Liberty Hill Baptist Church in Moody, TX, taught by pastor Marc Lambert.

The Bible Fast Forward material is produced by Stand to Reason, and the addition historical information is taken from the True-U series “Is The Bible Reliable?”.

And the groovy tunes are by Mark Swayze.

In Marc of 2015, a panel of pastors answer questions from junior high and high school students at a Q&A event put on by Oak Grove Baptist Church, Journey Christian Community, and The Church at Tree Lake in China Spring, TX.

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